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Hermes Scarf

Hermes Scarf

Within today’s ever-changing fashion industry, there are many factors that influence and affect the virility of any brands marketing efforts. Fashion, just as with any other industry introduces its trends based on consumers needs. However the fashion industry takes it a step further by introducing styles and ideas that designers want to force the consumer to agree with. With the need to inspire and to have the public adopt, designers and fashion houses look forward to having their marketing campaigns spread like a virus (go viral)! This industry’s top five viral campaign features include:

  1. Social value: perceived brand identification and exclusivity such as promotions, coupons, and discounts.
  2. Emotional content: such as those that affect extreme satisfaction
  3. Captivating images
  4. Reach of its content: assembly of content based on media type,
  5. Successive reinforcement: support and strengthening of the trend
Infamous Hermes Scarf

Infamous Hermes Scarf

There has been an abundance amount of success in the luxury brand market utilizing these top five characteristics and many fashion houses have now seen the impact of their “viral” advantages. Hermes did just that with its “Take a Ride” campaign that the company displayed on YouTube using “Gallery Plugin” went viral due to the distinct generational gap between the fashion house advertising to hipsters, “Gen Y” with a brand that is currently adored and affordable (social value) to the likes of generations such as Baby Boomers and Gen Xer’s. In this ad, the brand decided to spoof its audience, by taking such an uncompromising high-end brand and targeting to the likes of the relaxed social millennial.


During the audiovisual, marketers chose to use two fingers to simulate the playful and youthful characteristics of a skate boarder (reach) generally those young enough to adore the sport. The skateboarder (captivating images) takes a ride around most of the brands top sellers including jewelry, perfumes, soaps, small leather goods, ties, handbags, and of course its signature scarves. During the video, each skateboarding segment shows the skill of a successful surfer capturing “pictures” on their journey (emotional content) specifically located at different sites (successive reinforcement) that incorporate distinctive products from Hermes. Emotional content is usually that of complete and utterly satisfaction (Botha and Reyneke, 2013).

Hermes Scarves

Hermes Scarves

There was an instant connection between hipsters (looking to capture & enforce their surfing skills) and the brand promoting its classic and sophisticated product to this specific demographic. Hermes hit the nail on the head with this marketing initiative, as it was a gratifying experience for those of all ages.

Hermes Logo

Hermes Logo


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Greetings Fellow Fashionista’s~

Look of the Week

Chanel Backpack SS 2014

Chanel Graffitti Backpack SS 2014


Motivation— Coco Chanel was one of the first designers to differentiate herself from competitors and she did this at a time with no input from consumers. As we celebrate this icon we look to designers who have followed her lead! We’re putting two of the biggest American fashion designers—Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs—head-to-head. Each designer’s label is known around the world for high-end clothing and accessories but we’re more interested in finding out who has the best social designs. Michael Kors has the early lead when it comes to number of mentions on Twitter but as a fashion brand there is room to explore the attitudes of consumers when it comes to sentiment or response.

When it comes to feedback, Michael Kors takes another win by having the larger amount of positive comments—34% compared with Marc Jacobs’ 29% on Twitter. Marc Jacobs did have a lower percentage of negative mentions for those listening. So we now know Michael Kors had a higher number of total mentions and positive mentions on Twitter but just how far did those mentions reach? We used to calculate each brand’s exposure, which is the total possible number of views, based on how many followers are in the networks of those that generated the mentions. While Michael Kors had the most mentions, it looks like Marc Jacobs mentions went the farthest, with its 37,403,967 impressions outperforming Michael Kors 22,345,497 impressions.

MK:MJ Analysis Chart

MK:MJ Analysis Chart

As you can see from the graph below,

MK:MJ Exposure

Marc Jacobs’ impressions hit a peak on May 21st.  At “Become_Fashionable” we were curious as to why…so we took a closer look at the actual mentions. New York’s Museum of Modern Art held its annual Party in the Garden fundraiser that night and the museum’s twitter account, which has 1,380,502 followers—tweeted out a picture of honoree Cindy Sherman on the red carpet wearing a dress by Marc Jacobs. With the photo now on Instagram, talk about good exposure.


Dunham, K. (2013) Social Media Face Off: Michael Kors vs. Marc Jacobs

Let’s Blog & Tweet Fashionably~!!!


Marc Jacob Runway Show Fall/Winter 2012

Marc Jacob Runway Show  Spring/Summer 2013

LESSONS IN BLOGGING  There has been lots of talk lately micro-blogging, using sites like Twitter, has taken the place of blogging and blogs are just no longer relevant. Not only is there still a place for blogs, i.e.., my first blog post 1st Posts,  but also it is a perfect way for luxury fashion companies to begin to understand social media and begin to engage with their customers and prospects. Here’s some fashionable advice…pretty much…my do’s and don’ts around keeping your blog relevant!


  1. A fashion blog needs to begin with a strategy, which does not happen in isolation. Every company should have a marketing plan, or at least a targeted list of customers and prospects.
  2. The fashion content must be compelling, informative and relevant to your audience. If you are using your blog to find prospective customers, you can blog about industry topics, or conduct interviews with fashion experts, designers, stylist, bloggers etc.,
  3. Consistent publishing takes discipline and time. The first can be learned, but the second has to be found. One way to address time is to remain at least one post ahead. If you publish weekly, make sure next week’s post is written before you publish this week’s.



Some Twitter users utilize the social media site to build their company brand or generate leads. There are bloggers who use the platform to share ideas and articles and to see what others are writing about. Some people check Twitter for news, while others want to see what celebrities or friends are up to.

Defining your purpose will help you decide who to follow and what kind of information to share.

  1. The next time you scroll through a list of tweets, take note how many attach pictures or videos. According to author Mark Schaefer, Tao of Twitter, you should post almost anything that is human, authentic, and useful. Rich media matters a lot if you want people to spend more time on your (or someone else’s) content. Pictures and video carry more influence than simple text or links.
  2. Fashion companies are among the best users of hashtags and Marc Jacobs tops my short list. The hashtags are strategically placed and written, capitalizing individual words so you can read it easier and capitalizing an entire word when italics can’t be used. The hashtag is your friend but don’t overdo it.
  3. Be humble. Regardless how many follow you, never forget that you started with zero followers and you should always strive to thank those and retweet your constituents…those who helped you get to where you are. Dig into your followers and randomly thank people but also single out those that are assisting your efforts today.

Marlo-Hamptons Marc-Jacobs-Spring-2013-Black-and-White-Mixed-Print-Gown-Christian-Louboutin-Pumps-and-Kotur-Clutch

Marlo Hampton of RHOA in MJ Spring Summer 2013

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Oh To Be Social~!

Look of The Week~

Stylist Brad Goreski in     LV Fall/Winter 2013

Stylist Brad Goreski in LV Fall/Winter 2013

Fellow Fashion-Forward Friends,

What does ‘being your brand’ mean to fashion. To be successful you have to be your own brand on social media sites and can’t excuse yourself from it. Even the Kardashians tweet themselves. For all the promotion and contests in the world, you can’t buy word of mouth. How people feel about your brand is what they will be talking about. The word of the day is definitely authentic. Followers don’t want to consume any old content. More is just more and can lead to social fatigue if content is not kept fresh and innovative.

Kardashian Kollection

Kardashian Kollection

With this said, any brand that needs consumer interest to strive has to go go “SOCIAL” its the only way to compete in this digital age. Connecting, communicating, and contending are the three “C’s” when using social platforms. Appealing to consumers are absolute musts for designers in this industry. Lucky for them, social media is the perfect outlet. With social media, designers can link their unique personas and distinct styles with their consumers, and offer fans the chance to mesh with the personality at the heart of the brand.

Some brands know Twitter, other’s are Instagram Rockstars. Michael Kors knows them all. For example, their February #FallingInLoveWith Campaign was a tribute to Valentine’s day and all that the their customers’ love. The campaign was centered around uploading photos of what they love to either Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. In addition to the contest, the company featured tips in the company’s lookbook #FallingInLove page, specials on their blog, and collaborated with Marie Claire and Neiman Marcus to produce a live Twitter Chat Series leading up to Valentine’s day. Multi-faceted and successful, this campaign saw almost 3,000 new followers per day.

Bravo to the fiercest social media king out there! With high scores across the board, Michael Kors is a fashion superstar. Far from offering a dull experience, Michael Kors’ Facebook App “Destination Kors” brings Fans to its Tumblr-like blog which features weekly styling tips, a travel diary, and a ‘Michael On…’ segment that shares everything from the designers’ inspirations to his efforts in helping charities. On Facebook, Fans enjoy a variety of fun randoms like sassy quotes and videos of new collections and sexy campaigns. Michael Kors is the definition of fashion forward, and thus, knows just what needs to be done. Because of that, this brand is able to flaunt, shine, and own the Fashion Week catwalk. You go Michael Kors!

MK screen-shot-2012-10-25-at-5-37-52-pm


When a brand does not get on the social media bandwagon they are running the risk of losing out on gaining new consumers and retaining the current client base that they currently have. This is the NEW way to communicate, so I must say to those who are skeptical….CAN WE TALK? As one fashionista once stated “Social Engagement = Fierce while Social Disconnection = Fugly!”


Yours Fashionably, @Become_Fashionable


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Runway Shows are Now Streamed “Live”?

Look of the Week~

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter                    Runway Show 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier
Fall/Winter Runway Show 2012

Welcome Fashion Followers~!!!

It may be stilettos at dawn to get a ringside seat at New York’s most exclusive fashion shows, but forget the fur-clad heiresses, today’s VIP is the Internet. The explosion of social media is perhaps the greatest revolution in fashion since Mary Quant’s mini skirt, transforming the industry’s branding and fan base. And that revolution is on display like never before at New York’s seven-day fashion week binge of couture that kicks off the 2014 fall/winter season that next heads to Europe.

Fashion Week



Runway shows are now streamed live online, attracting an audience of millions across the planet. It’s been incredible, absolutely incredible. Social media has made such a difference, fashion houses all have websites, many offering e-commerce, as well as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Lubov Azria, chief creative officer of fashion house BCBG Max Azria Group, told AFP. “It used to be where the editors would come in, whether they liked the collection or not, they would have a certain point of view, and that’s what everyone saw,” said Azria.”Now with social media, we have a voice. We have a way to express what we feel, why we feel certain things. It’s incredible.” As a result, BCBG’s typical client, the socialite “who dances and dines,” has slightly changed. “I think it brought a younger crowd and it also brought the crowd that perhaps never knew this about the brand. It brings awareness,” said Lubov Azria.

But Marc Jacobs, who recently stepped down from his post at Louis Vuitton to concentrate on his own brand, has become the talk of the town by trading not in dollars but in social media currency. At the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, fans and fashionistas collect a free perfume sample for every instagram, tweet or any other post that includes the hashtag #MJDaisyChain. The more creative the posts, the better the prizes. And at the end of the week, the winner gets a Marc Jacobs handbag.


Twenty local Instagramers have been invited to the label’s catwalk show on Monday, one of the biggest of Fashion Week, and given backstage access to record what happens live.
Long gone, Jacobs said, are the days when it took six months for the catwalk shows to reach the consumer. “Our digital initiatives underscore the differences between how runway shows used to be done and how they are organized today,”

Then there is wearable tech. BCBG Max Azria also has “Epiphany Eyewear,” their answer to Google Glasses that are equipped with HD video, and sent down the runway on models. Also, designer Alexander Wang, arguably the biggest draw of the week, unveiled an androgynous futurist show in a Brooklyn warehouse that featured 3D and heat-activated fabric.

Alexander Wang  Fall 2014  Runway Show

Alexander Wang Fall 2014 Runway Show

Once you know the story behind anything, it’s more compelling. You can connect with it. Maybe that’s what fashion is doing, do you agree?  Where would we be without prior and future looks, designer insight, and everyone else’s OPINION?




Yours Fashionably, @Become_Fashionable


Bergman, R. (2014).


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Becomefashionable Blog is going to launch on April 13th 2014. “Become Fashionable”  is based on the passion I have for fashion and the industry. I decided on the name of the title to allure those who are fashionable and those who wish to ‘become’ fashionable. I wanted those who need guidance to peruse the site without any inhibitions. Most fashion sites promote to those that are already savvy and stylish and I want to direct my attention to those who may want fashion as a part of their life even though its not a top priority. I have always stated that if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you’ll do good. Looking chic can boost your esteem and confidence and that reassurance reflects in your work and your ability to connect assuredly.

I chose Lady Diana Ross as my recurring image as she represents everything chic, classy and sophisticated. I also chose to distort and distress the image so that it would not come through all crispy and clean. This was purposely done for those of us who look to be chic, classy and sophisticated but in our own way. Lets take her direction but put a little of ourselves in the picture. Lets take Lady Diana as the fashion icon that she is but become fashionable within ourselves.

This blog will allow fashion forward consumers the opportunity to view and share their brand identity. Although there are many individuals that do not consider themselves fashionista’s this blog will allow them to build and see themselves as their own brand. Fashion is not only about a luxury designers point of view, it is a forum to display oneself as an artist with your physical appearance as the canvas. Becomefashionable Blog’s mission is to develop and help fashion interpreters prepare themselves intellectually, socially, and culturally within the fashion community. Our purpose is to empower fashionista’s for personal and social transformation providing readers a voice to becoming their own decision makers, while creating visionary change.